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This is how the adventure had begun

Webellian was founded in 2012 by Aurélien Deleusière, Maël De Coster and Sebastian Skwarek, French and Polish accomplished entrepreneurs. They wanted to offer a different way of thinking and approach to digital transformation.

Webellian is the perfect match between Polish spirit for whom nothing is impossible and French touch that make it done the elegant way. As IT specialists, all three focused on a “get it done” attitude. That's the Webellian spirit, and that’s the spirit we give to our team.

Aurélien Deleusière

Aurélien is a senior consultant and architect and worked as a software developer since 2001. He is speaker at conferences world-wide and loves to resolve challenges with the team. He likes to be perceived as the tip of the arrow.

Maël De Coster

Maël has started as an IT consultant for the national broadcast network in France developing the educational VOD platform, thinking about the management of the library, the fast access and the quality of the user experience. He likes to be perceived as the healer of the band

Sebastian Skwarek

Sebastian is a true solutions provider, he has dedicated his career to helping global companies achieve vast efficiencies by delivering cutting-edge solutions. He likes to be perceived as Mister deliver "right now".


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