Create healthy and positive workplace

What is moodIQ?

moodIQ is a tool that provides an instant, daily mood-tracking, enabling team leaders address issues before they snowball into negative workplace and employee churn.


Real time analytics

Team mood insight

Happiness visualised

Know your team

Your Team's Heartbeat Visualized

Wouldn't you love to have real feedback about your employees mood and company's overall happiness?

moodIQ allows you to track mood and happiness visually.  Quickly check progress and act at first sign of trouble by anonymous  employee comments. Track and Adapt to based on your teams mood insights.



Track mood progress and get feedback

It would be great if you could find out if the changes you made in your team have a positive impact or people don’t like.

moodIQ allows you to track mood progress overtime.  It will show your statistics and show you a timeline of progress.  Get to know your employees what they like and do not like.  This is the key to high performance of your team.


Increase Employee Retention Rate

How many times you wished you would know about issues in your teams before they turned into real issues that impacted employee churn?

With moodIQ you are able to find out about team misunderstanding quickly before they turn into real problems that will cost you thousands of euros in termination, new hire and training process.  Keep you trained  and valued employees happy by stay on top of their mood and address issues quickly as they come up.



Multi-Team Setup

Wouldn't you like to easily check the mood in each or your teams and solve problems immediately without losing time?

moodIQ allows you to setup up multiple teams, assigned team leads who will receive statistics about their teams.  You can now track your entire team or track the company by team for detail overview.  Each team lead and management receive weekly status report email about insure you stay on top of your companies mood!