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shared services

Highly skillful experts by your side all the way to success. Shared Services is a practical and efficient working model that brings significant competitive advantages to any business of any size looking to develop cutting edge business applications or host their www presence.

As a recognized AWS Reseller and Consulting Partner, Webellian has a pool of highly skilled and certified expert resources which are made available to support our client’s on-going Cloud migration and hosting projects within a Shared Services context.

Webellian Shared Services is an innovative contracted service – leveraging AWS DevOps/DevSecOps Specialist, Architects, Developers – this service has been designed and been proven to achieve AWS development and business objectives from Day 1, to enhance productivity and to significantly reduce development & maintenance costs.

This service approach gives clients unique access to aws-certified professionals who receive direct training and technical support from AWS.

Client’s operation achieve several benefits through our Webellian Shared Services:

  • Productivity: Utilize multiple professionals or multiple skill sets depending on project requirements, to achieve a very high level of productivity.
  • Efficiency: Direct communication and frequent reporting with consultants enable continuous tracking of project deliverables in an efficient manner.
  • Cost reduction: Right size your development cost for supplemental staff, facilities and infrastructure needs. Webellian Shared Services reduces fixed costs and allows for flexible budgeting depending on project urgency and requirements.
  • Customer satisfaction: Our team consists of passionate, hands-on technologists and managers who can solve complex problems.

Webellian Shared Services simply designed to enhance productivity
and to significantly reduce development & maintenance costs.

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