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forms and workflow

A major focal point for companies is to become Customer-Centric, delivering Convenience and Great Experience while improving Business Agility and achieving Growing Sales. As Avoka’s consulting partner Webellian helps your company achieving that with Avoka Transact.

Financial Institutions and Government Agencies have spent billions of dollars on tailor-made applications to allow easier interaction with prospects and clients.

Yet client abandonment rates still range from 70% to 90%.

Such projects bear high risks, take many months or years to deliver while easily exceeding budget estimates, and have proven to be pretty inflexible towards a changing market.

Avoka Transact is a Digital Business Platform that accelerates customer acquisition and increases business agility in financial services, government, education, field services and other industries.

By resorting to Avoka’s Transact solution toolkit, Webellian takes on a new approach that expedites time to market concerning digital sales initiatives, allowing your clients to enjoy an exceptional customer experience regardless of platform (Smartphone; Tablet or Personal Computer).

When it comes to customer acquisition every second count.

You are now able to have your applications built and both slash inherent time and costs, plus being able to easily and swiftly adapt them on demand as the market and businesses requirements evolve.

How can Webellian and Avoka Transact help you?

Improving your Business Agility

You applications landscape will be fully available within days or weeks, allowing you to focus on customer initiatives and being able to promptly address new market opportunities. All of this while gaining agility by leveraging Cloud advantages and meeting stringent financial, government compliance and security requirements.

  • Driving Sales: You will benefit from increasing customer acquisition rates and reduced abandonment, therefore multiplying your cross-selling potential which will impact higher revenues from deposit, loan and credit card products.
  • Creating a Customer-Centric Enterprise: Having your back-office processes become more agile through the new applicational context enabled automation degree frees up time for you to focus on your customers while giving them greater control.
  • Delivering Convenience & Experience: You will allow your clients to easily access and interact with your on-line services (from any platform, anytime, anywhere) while reducing your cost of serving them. Having your online market present based on customer behavior and feedback instead of continuously having to “guess” what the client is looking for.

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