Agile organizations

Support. Responsibility. Delivery

Supporting your company with Agile teams is our mission.

How quick is your organization in responding to changes in the marketplace?

Agility has long since transcended the realm of software engineering to enter every business area, up to the management board. Agile methodology changes the mechanism of operations in the organization. The fundamental shift is in the way the company is perceived. It’s not a mechanical machine anymore but rather a learning organization capable of adapting to changing circumstances.

We help you to roll out the keystones of agile organizations.

  • Shared responsibility and authority
  • Create value with all stakeholders
  • A flexible and hybrid structure
  • Transparency

So, as a reliable partner, Webellian will assume the responsibility and accountability for assuring full Security and DevOps compliance using Amazon Web Services toolset.

DevOps and DevSecOps are both work methodologies as well as a culturally agile approach to Software Development & Environment Maintenance.

With Webellian expertise in both Amazon Web Services and DevOps your company gets:

  • Continuous tests and delivery of your software
  • Software deployment as per the defined schedule and in full compliance with the production environment
  • A smooth and linear migration process to the Cloud (with Zero Outages)
  • An infrastructure that dynamically adapts to your business needs

You are in the Cloud, now you need to be secure.

Our DevSecOps and continuous security services embed security very early in your software delivery process.

We monitor your Cloud-based IT infrastructure 24/7/365 assuring immediate tackling of any security threat as well as perform regular audits upon major software deployment to fine-tune your security policy. Our practical and detailed approach enables your awareness of:

  • Who Is Doing What, Where and When: Outsider intrusion as well as inside threats
  • What Happened and Why: Detailed track record of security events
  • Meeting Market’s Best Practices: Continuous AWS configuration fine-tuning

Webellian will be providing continuous visibility into users, workload, and infrastructure behaviors throughout every stage of your cloud journey and success.

With Webellian you won’t have to worry about the intrusion, vulnerabilities, insider threats, & data loss.