Our culture

With our passion for innovation, technology, and excellence, we empower you to move confidently forward on your Digital Transformation journey.

Our international culture supports the Digital Transformation of big brands and global corporations, trusting us with their complex IT projects.

We believe that people no longer use Digital; they are Digital. Maybe some of them are still becoming, but this process is not reversible. We’ve started to be Digital, and we’ll always be. This is why we added to our claim #BeForeverDigital.

We love technology, and we are passionate about it, but we don’t prioritize technology. The technology can be adjusted. It can be invented. We want to look beyond technology to understand our customers’ business better and identify the actual needs to create real value for our customers. #GoBeyondTechnology

Innovation can give your company an edge in a highly competitive market. We believe that there should always be willingness and openness to Innovate in the business environment. We had the pleasure to realize brilliant, innovative ideas and bring them into life to see how they are disrupting the current way of doing things. It’s exactly what we would like to deliver to your company #SparkInnovation

Effective and smooth communication is the first and the most critical step to establish successful cooperation with your outsourcing partner. We do not only share this point of view, but it’s part of our DNA. Webellian is a French-Polish company created in 2012. We speak French, English, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Dutch, and even Luxembourgish.

Our international culture allows us to advance the digital transformation of big brands and global corporations, which trust us with their complex IT projects. We show our clients the foundation of a successful, value-driven digital transformation, focusing on business outcomes. The essential element of the process is to build trust and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, requirements, and business goals. It can only be achieved through an open conversation.