Cloud solutions

Virtualize your operations and products

Are you struggling to manage your application and data on your infrastructure?

We design, implement and manage your application and cloud infrastructure. In particular, we:

  • Design and implement your business application for and in the cloud;
  • Shift and lift your existing business application to the cloud;
  • Deploy advanced, secure, scalable, and highly available architecture to support your business applications;
  • Enable you to benefit from all the flexibility of a pay-per-use model;
  • Continuously leverage available Cloud Computing resources to convey cost-effectiveness, high availability, and rapid elasticity;
  • Design, implement, and fully manage Cloud solutions that thoroughly leverage the dynamic provisioning of resources;
  • Support the automation, streamlining, and maintenance of your infrastructure.
Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Windows Azure

Windows Azure

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

We design cloud infrastructure, migrate data and manage your applications.

Stay one step ahead:

  • Use cloud computing to optimize performance and internal processes.
  • Use digital APIs to support the integration of your partners through management and business systems.
  • Online sales strategies, based on the collection of Big Data, and as a result, utilizing advanced targeting and pricing.
  • Adding AI and Machine Learning for real-time and predictive analytics capabilities (see our AI partnership program).
  • Instantly deploy innovative products in new domains to your customers.
  • Integrate data from new sources such as IoT devices.
  • Use the cloud for disaster recovery.

With a focus on the Amazon Web Services platform, Webellian expertise will ensure a smooth transition to or setup of your cloud infrastructure.

Webellian does all of this by integrating multiple systems into one cohesive package. Independently of those being cross-platform, inside / outside firewall, or available online/offline; while complying with all the relevant privacy and data security protocols you require (such as PCI / Section 8 of the ECHR and/or HIPAA).

Webellian assures that the environment designed for your resources, services, and applications will scale and support any growth you may experience.