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Resource center in Poland

Since 2014, we’ve built dedicated development teams, 24/7/365 support, and shared services to support our clients and partners in implementing innovations and digital transformation of their business.

Companies are expecting the highest quality of the delivered services. Vendors need to acquire talented and knowledgable employees. These were some of the reasons for us to move our Headquarters to Warsaw, Poland in 2019. We wanted to get access to the best people on the market to support our clients and match the unique requirements of their projects.

Poland is known for providing the most talented developers in the World (Poland is in the top 3 countries with the best developers in the world, according to SkillValue 2019 Report). The largest pool of skilled IT workforce in Europe comes from a high education level in IT. Nine Polish universities are included in the QS World University Rankings with 26 Masters level degrees in IT and computer science.

As a country with the highest English language skills (11th position in the global ranking), Poland offers smooth communication and seamless cooperation.

Also, services provided from Poland have an attractive cost to quality ratio and timeliness of service delivery. Search for your outsourcing IT services provider in Poland, but make sure that you choose a reliable, robust, and transparent partner.

If this is the kind of partnership you are looking for, then Webellian, a French-Polish company, brings all the advantages of outsourcing in Poland to the table. Webellian has earned the trust of the global insurance and financial institutions, managing diverse international IT projects since 2012.

Whatever is your need, we can build a fully tailored team to respond to your challenge, from a temporary need to a long term solution, from few days per month from shared services to a full scalable team.

We have a high culture of customers’ data protection, we are working on strong NDAs and have implemented processes to ensure control of data secrecy.

Webellian assures that the environment designed for your resources, services, and applications will scale and support any growth you may experience.